Wayside Chapel supports voting YES for a Voice to Parliament

On Saturday 14 October, Australia is being given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk with First Nations people towards a more compassionate and equitable future.

For over 65,000 years, the First Peoples of Australia have maintained an unbroken connection to this land, its stories, and its spirit. It’s time our 122-year-old Constitution reflects and recognises this ancient culture 

Australia’s history, while rich, carries with it painful memories and moments of deep injustice. The scars from families torn apart and policies born out of prejudice are evident. But the decision before us now is a straightforward, modest request. We are being asked to recognise First Nations’ people by saying YES to supporting their voice in the Constitution. The invaluable insights and deep wisdom of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will finally be used to advise on issues that impact their lives, leading to more informed government decisions. 

There’s an unfulfilled promise in our nation’s story, a gap in our shared history. Right now, we have the chance to bridge it together. This Referendum is our moment – to listen, respect, and act on the heartfelt Statement that encapsulates years of hopes and desires.  

It comes from the heart. Let it speak to your heart.  

Please, this Saturday, 14 October, choose love over hate. Say YES to the recognition and inclusion of the First Nations in our Constitution.  

Together we can make history.

Rev Jon Owen  


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