Wayside’s chapel and gardens have been created to dissolve the barriers that divide people, helping to foster community, teach living skills, practice sustainability, engage with our neighbours and beautify Kings Cross.

Wayside Gardens

As of this year, Wayside is proud to have two gardens – our Rooftop Garden in Kings Cross and our brand new Bondi Garden in Wayside Bondi CSC. In Kings Cross, high up on the roof is a 200 square metre garden filled with over 50 different varieties of organic fruit, herbs and vegetables. It has rainwater tanks, solar panels, worm farms, a compost system and bee-hives. The garden – boasting sweeping views across the parklands and the CBD – is a community space where people facing disadvantage and local residents can work together, sharing skills and supporting each other to nurture a vast array of plants.

The Bondi Garden, unlike Kings Cross, is in full view of the kitchen and café and these three parts work in synergy with each other. The organic produce grown in our gardens are used at both Cafes, as well as featuring in local restaurants like Billy Kwong in Potts Point. The gardens now have a stronger focus on Indigenous plants, native saltbush, lemon myrtle and more. The wider purpose of the gardens is to create community, teach living skills, practice sustainability, engage with our neighbours and beautify the space.


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Kings Cross Rooftop Garden

Two men discussing the fruit trees at Wayside
Two people enjoying the gardening at Wayside

Bondi Garden

The Bondi garden at Wayside
A young man gardening
  • “The garden is a haven. I enjoy seeing it grow and the little vegetables are great. I was homeless there for a while. I was living on the trains and I got myself into a lot of trouble and was in dire straits. Wayside helped me. I became involved in the garden and I feel completely at home here.”

    Alan, Day to Day Living Participant


There are few more radical examples of community than are encountered in our little gatherings on Sunday mornings. You are just as likely to sit next to a working girl or someone struggling with addiction, as you are to sit next to an ex attorney general of Australia. Many of the barriers that divide people are fairly effectively dissolved for a time.

We are fairly free of much of the baggage of the church and yet we are a church. We are a people who don’t have all the answers, and we find our lack of answers rather liberating. We enjoy each other’s company and we remind each other that all of religion is satisfied when love is lived in community. Eucharist is celebrated every week using stale old Wayside bread. It makes the point that the Divine is usually found in the least likely places and that humanity flourishes at its most beautiful when it is mindful of its own frailty.

Weddings, Namings & Funerals 

A place for people of all faiths, and of none

For over 40 years, Wayside Chapel has been a destination for many people, from all around the world, for marriage, naming ceremonies and other rites of passage. Some take place in our famous Chapel in Kings Cross, and many occur in key locations around Sydney.

Rites of passage include:

Marriage, spiritual blessings and renewal of vows
Naming ceremonies for children
Divorce ceremonies
Funerals and memorials
Celebrations for vocational decisions and other special occasions
Sunday Service. 11am every Sunday at The Wayside Chapel


Telephone: 02 9581 9100
Email: [email protected] 

Jon Owen, CEO and Pastor 
Wayside Chapel Kings Cross
29 Hughes Street
Potts Point NSW 2011
Sunday service at 11am. Watch online here.

Rev Graham Long
Wayside Chapel Bondi
95 Roscoe Street
Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Sunday services at 9:30am and 3pm

  • “We’re not much like a church, which is fine if you’re not much like a Christian”

    Rev Graham Long AM – Pastor Emeritus of Wayside Chapel