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Quality and Compliance Manager

Quality and Compliance Manager

About the Position:

The Quality and Compliance Manager will work with Wayside’s leadership team to develop, implement and oversee quality management and quality improvement processes. The intention of the new role is to embed an “accreditation-ready” approach across Wayside.

Responsibilities : 

  • Leading, guiding and monitoring Wayside’s Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) re-accreditation process
  • Identifying other appropriate opportunities for accreditation and recognition
  • Assisting Wayside’s leadership team to monitor regulatory compliance.
  • Collaborate with Executives and Management on improvement projects and tracking milestones and target dates for quality improvement initiatives.
  • Liaising with relevant executives on contract renewals, insurance verification and due diligence for service providers and partners.
  • Attend meetings of quality-related committees as appropriate – e.g. the WHS Committee and the Clinical Governance Advisory Committee.
  • Providing guidance and support to staff working on the development and implementation of policies and procedures and liaising with relevant Executives and the Company Secretary re approval process
  • Records management – i.e. maintaining register of current policies and procedures, review dates and archiving obsolete documents
  • Working to standardise documentation and processes for MOUs and similar documents
  • Leading and guiding Wayside’s continuous improvement processes,  

To learn more about the role, view the full Position Description and job information pack here. 

Application and Recruitment Process

  • Applicants should provide a copy of their resume, and a covering letter that outlines how your skills and experience meet the job requirements.
  • Applications should be submitted via the Wayside Chapel’s applicant portal link in the button below
  • Applications will be accepted up until 10 January 2021 and will be reviewed after this date
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Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (02) 9581 9115

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