Words from the streets of Kings Cross

About Rev Graham Long

I am the Pastor and CEO of Wayside Chapel in the heart of Sydney’s Kings Cross. I write with my heart wide open and my eyes looking at life. I am a philosopher, a dreamer, a tower of weakness, a leader and a follower, a husband and a father and I hope to give you a flavour of life by the wayside.

You Wouldn't Be Dead for Quids

How does someone embrace life when a ghost lurks within, pointing out the history of failure and disappointments.

Holy Hilarity

Friends, volunteers and staff sometimes bring people to my office because, “they need to talk to Graham.”

There is Nothing Permanent Except Change

Unreserved joy and support has flooded in all directions since we announced that Pastor Jon Owen would be my successor as CEO and Pastor of the Wayside Chapel.

Hung Up over Easter

Engaged in discussion with a young fellow this week, the world shattered.

A Special Announcement: Our Future is in Good Hands

A young bloke from Melbourne arrived at my office fifteen years ago, asking if I could show him around the toughest places in Sydney.

The Power of the Word

A couple in their late seventies, who had been together for fifty years, presented here about a month ago to sign up to get married.

Loving the Becoming

The greatest lesson I’ve learned over these years is that love is everywhere to be found and everywhere in need of me.

Surprised By Joy

Sitting in my office late one night this week, a conversation with a young woman captured me and filled me with awe

Learning Grace

Surprisingly, a middle-aged, successful man sat with me this week, confessing his stupidity.

Love Over Hate

In another time, one of our staff members once worked for a racist regime.