Words from the streets of Kings Cross

Jon Owen Head of People and Culture Wayside Chapel

About Jon Owen

I am the Pastor and CEO of Wayside Chapel in the heart of Sydney’s Kings Cross. I write with my heart wide open and my eyes looking at life. I am a philosopher, a dreamer, a tower of weakness, a leader and a follower, a husband and a father and I hope to give you a flavour of life by the wayside.

Changing Seasons

Our lives are all moderated to some degree by the seasons. Freezing cold creates a special kind of misery for those who sleep rough.

Enough of a Miracle

Over a decade ago I was volunteering with a group that assisted fathers who had lost access to their children. This work wasn’t for the faint-hearted.

When Time Evaporates

Sundays begin a little differently to other mornings as we set up early for our chapel service.

Seeing What's In Front

Mornings begin with a flurry of activity in our Community Service Centres in Bondi and Kings Cross. Opening time makes for a wonderful mix of sights, sounds and smells...

Trash or Treasure

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons that people relapse into homelessness is hoarding? The cycle begins with suitcases which build each day until it isn’t uncommon to see a street corner furnished with bookshelves, paintings and ornaments.

When Love Prevails

If you walk into our Kings Cross cafe you will see plates stuck on the wall. Each of them is decorated with the hopes and dreams of our Wayside visitors.

Finding Grace

Sitting at the front of our building in the warmth of the spring sunshine the other day, was a gathering of people warming themselves after a cold night.

The Good Life

A good life isn’t necessarily one that has been comfortable, smooth and uneventful.

The Power of a Promise

More than half her lifetime ago in Melbourne an 8-year old girl looked up at me and asked, “Will you be my kind of like, daddy?”

Sparks of Life

Have you ever emerged from an event or a moment that left you feeling somehow, changed; knowing you had just been elevated out of time, and been touched by the awesome?