Words from the streets of Kings Cross and Bondi Beach

About Jon Owen

I am the Pastor and CEO of Wayside Chapel. I write with my heart wide open and my eyes looking at life. I am a philosopher, a dreamer, a tower of weakness, a leader and a follower, a husband and a father and I hope to give you a flavour of life by the wayside.

Love Thy Bin Chicken

Dear Inner Circle, One of the most noticeable cultural contrasts growing up in Australia but coming from Malaysia was around food. My grandmother always had

Back to Earth

Dear Inner Circle,  It’s been a week of royal proportions around here. When we perform christenings, I anoint everyone’s head with oil, which is a

Inside Treats

Dear Inner Circle, At the start of the pandemic we were all in thrall of living in a “contactless” world. Was there any limit to this

A Long Walk Home

Dear Inner Circle, Context matters. There is a beautiful man who is well known and loved in the Bondi community. From humble beginnings he entered

The Gift of Burgers

Dear Inner Circle, Some days are heavier than others. Whilst there are practices to engage in after the fact, there is no immediate way and

These Streets

Dear Inner Circle, A young couple sat down nervously in my office the other day having made an appointment to get married. As they talked,

Guided by Voices

Dear Inner Circle, There really is a lot of laughter to go around, even in the bleakest of circumstances. Our little chapel gatherings are no

A Re-Formation

Dear Inner Circle, Ducking into the building this morning, a face not seen for some time blocked my path. An arresting smile met me as

Behind the Lens

Dear Inner Circle,  There is a myth that time is linear when it tends to hold a far more cyclical, seasonal quality to it. As

Inner Space

Dear Inner Circle, This week it has been hard not to be rendered speechless by the recent images that have returned from thousands of light