Words from the streets of Kings Cross

Jon Owen Head of People and Culture Wayside Chapel

About Jon Owen

I am the Pastor and CEO of Wayside Chapel in the heart of Sydney’s Kings Cross. I write with my heart wide open and my eyes looking at life. I am a philosopher, a dreamer, a tower of weakness, a leader and a follower, a husband and a father and I hope to give you a flavour of life by the wayside.

Our Mission Comes to Life

The end of the year is approaching quickly so all roads around here now lead to preparations for our Christmas Day Street Party. In five short days there will once again be an outpouring of generosity and love on Hughes Street in Potts Point on an unprecedented scale.

An Appeal To Your Heart

Christmas is a time of year when the highs and lows of everyday life suddenly get a trampoline shoved underneath them. The increased amplitude of emotion within workplaces and shopping centre car parks often takes us by surprise as we react in ways we didn’t know we were capable of.

Going the Distance

The lows can be really low, but the highs can also be really high. For some, this season is a positive one where the distance from self-hatred towards a new life of healing and hope is noticed and celebrated.

What Love Looks Like

What we love changes. There was a time long ago in my life when wet weather days and nights like the ones we’ve had in Sydney in the last couple days would have seen me gleefully crawling up into bed with a hot cuppa and good book, I loved them.

When Life Returns

Today we farewelled one of our long-term and well-loved community members. During the eulogies someone stood and said, “His life started out terribly, but then it managed to get worse!”

Invitations to Life

Last week a bright-eyed man came into our community centre looking for Chantal, one of our longest-serving staff members.

Changing Seasons

Our lives are all moderated to some degree by the seasons. Freezing cold creates a special kind of misery for those who sleep rough.

Enough of a Miracle

Over a decade ago I was volunteering with a group that assisted fathers who had lost access to their children. This work wasn’t for the faint-hearted.

When Time Evaporates

Sundays begin a little differently to other mornings as we set up early for our chapel service.

Seeing What's In Front

Mornings begin with a flurry of activity in our Community Service Centres in Bondi and Kings Cross. Opening time makes for a wonderful mix of sights, sounds and smells...