Words from the streets of Kings Cross

Jon Owen Head of People and Culture Wayside Chapel

About Jon Owen

I am the Pastor and CEO of Wayside Chapel in the heart of Sydney’s Kings Cross. I write with my heart wide open and my eyes looking at life. I am a philosopher, a dreamer, a tower of weakness, a leader and a follower, a husband and a father and I hope to give you a flavour of life by the wayside.


The Gift of Community

This morning I was thinking about a well-known woman who has been a regular at Wayside for a number of years and wondered why I hadn’t seen her for a while.

New Pathways

Waiting for me as I walked into the building this week was a well-dressed man.

Steeling our Resolve

Every evening, our Twilight team and our volunteers work tirelessly to make what is a very difficult time of day for many of our community into a time of fun, safety and warmth.

Unexpected Angels

A man who has spent most of his life without a roof over his head, stopped me as I walked into the building this morning.

Beneath the Surface

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day in a Wayside way, which means quite differently to how you might expect.

The Smallest Gesture

Some mornings this place is buzzing with life.

Through Our Wounds

Every act of kindness we put out into the world never goes to waste. From time to time you will hear us issuing the call for toiletries – especially the smaller kind that travellers can grab from their hotel rooms on their way back home.

Listening In

Years ago, living in Mt Druitt, my house was a hive of activity. One day, amidst the frenzy, I found a young boy standing completely still, just staring into our recently re-stocked pantry.

Living Bigger Lives

Many years ago, my wife Lisa met a woman who was attempting to flee with her kids from a violent relationship. She carefully devised a plan over the next few years and slowly, built up the courage to enact it.

Beauty In The Broken

A feisty young girl was one of fifteen children. She was brought up in the bush and in poverty, learning to fight for her place, her food and her airspace while at the same time, living with all her siblings who had as much right to life, food and love as herself.