Looking to donate items for people experiencing homelessness? Find a full list below.

Donation of Goods

UPDATE: **Due to safety concerns, Wayside Chapel Op Shops are closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, however still accepting donations of good quality, clean clothing, towels and blankets in clothing bins. Please see donation requirements below. For the full statement of Wayside Chapel’s response to COVID-19, click here.**

We are incredibly grateful at Wayside for all our supporters who keep us stocked with the necessities we need day to day.

When making a donation please note that we will only accept:

  • Good quality, clean items to Wayside as you would give to a friend or wear yourself
  • Items delivered in the donations bin/chute only, – anything left on the ground outside becomes contaminated and unusable and will not be accepted
  • Items in good condition. We will not accept broken, soiled or stained donations.

If you’d like to make a non-monetary donation to Wayside there are certain items that we consistently require. These are:

  • Pre-loved clothing – warm clothing like hoodies and trackies, particularly in winter
  • Men’s underwear – Medium and Large sizes preferred
  • Women’s underwear – Size 10- 12 preferred
  • Bras – can be new or used but clean
  • Men’s and women’s socks of all sizes – these can be new or used but clean
  • Towels – new or used but clean
  • Sample size toiletries 
    • shampoo
    • conditioner
    • soap
    • shower gel
    • deodorant (spray preferred)
    • razors

Wayside Chapel Op Shops will also accept:

  • SMALL amounts of kitchenware and bric-a-brac
  • Jewellery/handbags
  • Good condition books (no self-help or textbooks)

Wayside Chapel Op Shops can’t accept

  • Electrical items
  • Kids’ clothing or toys
  • Furniture

Wayside’s op shops are now closed, but you can still donate these items to our donation bin/chute outside each of our op shops. Please find address’ below.

Wayside Chapel Kings Cross – 29 Hughes St Potts Point –  Donate in chute in Orwell Lane (next to painted wings on wall)

Wayside Chapel Op Shop Bondi Beach Donation Bin at Cnr Warners Ave & Niblick Street, North Bondi

Elizabeth Bay Donation Bin – 19-23 Bradley Ln, Potts Point

Get in touch about donation of goods

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (02) 9581 9127