Annual Report

The Annual Report showcases the organisation’s proudest achievements and highlights from the year.


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Wayside Chapel is proud to announce that we achieved a Certificate Level in accreditation under the Australian Service Excellence Standards. These standards evaluate the quality of community service organisations around Australia and demonstrate their ability and pride in service qualities to their clients. Wayside was able to prove stellar performance in all areas, which resulted in our high level accreditation status. You can be assured that Wayside is an empowered, involved and confident community organisation, with a commitment to supporting all visitors who access our services. With this achievement, we can continue our mission of creating a community of no ‘us and them’ under a banner of ‘love over hate’.

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Code of Conduct

All visitors to, and people who work at Wayside Chapel are expected to be respectful of other visitors, people who work at Wayside, property and facilities and members of the wider public.

All visitors to Wayside Chapel have a right to be in a safe space and a judgement-free environment.

Everyone who works at Wayside has a right to participate in a working culture which promotes Openness (no secrets), Teamwork (no cowboys), Patience (no rush), Courage (no complacency) and Respect (no judges).
This Code applies to all people who visit and work at Wayside:
All people who work at and visit Wayside Chapel must:
1. Treat each other with respect, honesty and fairness
2. Respect each other’s privacy and confidentiality
3. Not discriminate on any basis including sex, sexuality, race, and gender.
4. Collaborate whenever possible
5. Follow reasonable directions
6. Declare conflicts of interest
7. Respect the property, funds and facilities which belong to The Wayside Chapel and only make use of these for authorised purposes
8. Not use or deal drugs on Wayside Chapel’s property
9. Not resort to physical violence or exhibit threatening verbal or bullying behaviour
10. Comply with Wayside Chapel’s policies and procedures
Visitors to Wayside Chapel who breach this Code of Conduct may be subject to the Grievance Procedure and/or the Exclusions Procedure.
People who work at The Wayside Chapel must sign off on their commitment to this Code, and if breaches occur they may be subject to the Grievance Procedure and/or to the Misconduct Procedure.

Code of Ethics


At Wayside Chapel we expect all conduct to be ethical.

Wayside Chapel Code of Ethics is important because it minimises negative behaviour, minimises legal risk, acts as a guideline for ethical decision making, encourages real and genuine meeting and the flourishing of positive relationships and acts as a reference for solving ethical dilemmas.

Context and rationale

Wayside Chapel’s Code of Ethics helps define our commitment to support a culture of openness, collaboration and integrity in all we do.

People who work at Wayside have an obligation to adhere to this Code. The Code of Ethics is underpinned by the following ethical principles:
Vision: Love over Hate
Mission: Community with no “us and them.”
Values: Openness, Teamwork, Patience, Courage, Respect
People who work at the Wayside must demonstrate their commitment to the Code of Ethics by:
• Promoting ethical behaviour.
• Dealing fairly with Wayside Chapel’s visitors, community members and partners.
• Providing the community with information that is accurate, objective, relevant, timely, and, understandable.
• Achieving compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
• Maintaining the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by The Wayside Chapel, its visitors and or the community except when authorised or otherwise legally obliged to disclose.
• Accepting responsibility for preventing, detecting, and reporting all manner of fraud.
• Being honest and ethical in their conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships.
• Protecting and ensuring the proper use of Wayside assets.
• Prohibiting improper or fraudulent influence over any external auditors.

Feedback & Complaints Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the feedback and complaints handling processes are guided by fair and consistent principles and sound administration that ensures appropriate outcomes are achieved for the provider of feedback, the complainant and Wayside.


Feedback and Complaint Channels

Feedback and complaints can come from a range of sources including:

  • In person- Feedback and Complaints Boxes
  • Online – Feedback Form
  • Written
  • Social media


Wayside receives feedback from visitors and the community to thank us for services provided. Feedback can also take the form of suggestions on how we can improve the programs and services we provide and these sources of information feed into our Continuous Improvement (CI) system.


Complaints should be viewed as an opportunity to improve aspects of the programs and services we provide. There are number of reasons why someone may wish to give feedback or complain and these can be from the minor with minimal impact to major with maximum impact.

Most complaints will be minor and simple in nature and can be handled immediately and effectively by the particular people who work at Wayside.

Resolving Difficulties

Where possible a complaint should be handled in accordance with individual program areas’ procedures and handled directly by the staff member and or volunteer.

If a complaint cannot be easily and immediately resolved then this is to be recorded and forwarded onto appropriate staff as outlined in procedure.

Where no follow up is required this should be noted and recorded.


Position Task/Delegation
Board Members ·         Endorse Feedback and Complaints Policy.

·         Comply with Feedback and Complaints Policy.

·         Respond to complaints relating to the CEO.

·         Respond to complaints relating to the Chairperson of the Board.

·         Respond to higher level or escalated complaints as required.


Managers ·         Comply with Feedback and Complaints Policy.

·         Ensure the Wayside complies with Feedback and Complaints Policy.

·         Respond to higher level or escalated complaints as required.

·         Receive feedback and complaints and respond in accordance with the                 Feedback and Complaints procedure.


People who work at Wayside ·         Comply with Feedback and Complaints Policy.

·         Receive feedback and complaints and respond in accordance with the                Feedback and Complaints procedure.


Policy statement

Any person or organisation accessing services and programs provided by Wayside, or those affected by its operations, has the right to provide feedback and make a complaint.

Wayside recognises that clients and stakeholders need avenues to give feedback or raise complaints with the organisation, and are entitled to have their concerns addressed in ways that ensure access and equity, timeliness, accountability and transparency.

Wayside understands that complaint information may be sensitive in nature, respects the complainant’s right to confidentiality, and will handle complaints in a fair, equitable and timely manner.

Feedback, including complaints, is considered an important part of Wayside’s operational and program planning and as part of its quality improvement program.

The resolution of the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant is a goal of the complaints process.

Information is available to clients and stakeholders about mechanisms to communicate feedback, comments and complaints. This information is available on the website, in new client orientation packs and included in resources and publications as appropriate.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy sets out how we collect and handle personal information in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles and other legal requirements.

View our Privacy Policy here