Wayside operates a range of services that place dignity, respect and love at the heart of their approach. Our programs and spaces see everyone as a person to be met, not a problem to be solved.

Community Services Centres

Wayside Chapel’s Community Services Centre’s (CSC) – one in Kings Cross and one in Bondi – have been providing community services to members of the eastern suburbs since 1964. CSC staff and volunteers work together, seven days a week, to provide those of our community who are experiencing homelessness and social isolation with a safe space and vital essentials such as showers and emergency clothing, as well as information and referral services within the Inner City.

CSC provides:

  • Referrals for short and long-term crisis accommodation and housing
  • Weekly onsite legal, health, and counselling clinics in collaboration with Homeless Persons’ Legal Service, Centrelink and St Vincent’s Homeless Health
  • Referral services to health and welfare agencies
  • Personalised care-coordination
  • Meeting spaces for self-help and community groups like SMART Recovery program for people experiencing addiction

At Wayside, we see everyone as a person to be met, not a problem to be solved. We work through meeting people rather than working on them – we never greet anyone at the door with a clipboard or a form with boxes to tick. The issues facing visitors to Wayside are varied and complex, including domestic violence, mental health, homelessness, social isolation, grief & loss, probation & parole.

Opening Hours: 

Kings Cross (29 Hughes St Potts Point) – 9:30am – 2:30pm; 5pm – 8:30am

Bondi (77 Roscoe St Bondi Beach) – 9am – 2:30pm

Community Service Centre – Kings Cross

Our Community Services Centre Manager sits with a visitor

Community Service Centre – Bondi

A visitor welcomes you to Wayside Bondi CSC


Community Service Centre – Kings Cross
29 Hughes Street, Potts Point NSW 2011
Telephone: 02 9581 9100
Email: [email protected]

Community Service Centre – Bondi
77 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Telephone: 02 9581 9193
Email: [email protected]

  • When I come here I am treated with dignity and respect. Being able to come to Wayside and have a shower and wash my clothes stops me from slipping into despair. Feeling clean and having something to eat makes all the difference.

    CSC visitor

Outreach – Foot and Van

Wayside Chapel expanded its care beyond its building and onto the streets to ensure support was provided to those who are most marginalised, isolated and at risk, especially those dealing with homelessness. New street outreach teams were mobilised from April – June 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown to deliver food and care packs to people on the streets who were homeless, as well as to front doors of people who are house-bound at home, but still in of need of care and connection.

Van Outreach will be able to help with the following:

  • Newly housed
    • Delivery of goods
    • Start-up package i.e. (pantry staples, white goods, furniture etc.)
  • Maintaining tenancy issues
    • Transfer request
    • Neighbourhood disputes
    • Hoarding/maintenance
    • Assessment/advocacy
    • Property inspection 
  • Temporary Accommodation Supports
  • Transfer Visitors 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0450 020 102

The Wingspan Project

The Wingspan Project is a training and employment initiative that helps disadvantaged young people take control of their lives. Based in Bondi Beach, The Wingspan Project is delivered by Wayside Chapel. One-on-one support is provided to empower young people to build independence and to address their individual barriers to employment. A holistic, person-centred approach wraps a supportive community around each young person to help them to learn  new skills and then to find their place in the workforce. We support young people on a comprehensive journey all the way to meaningful employment.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (02) 9581 9100

Wayside Cafes

The Wayside cafes in Kings Cross and Bondi Beach provide low-cost meals and beverages in a warm, relaxed and friendly environment. Our cafes are the busiest and liveliest part of Wayside, with people from all walks of life coming together for a meal, a coffee or simply to spend time together in a safe place.

While our cafe meals are not free, they are extremely affordable. Items range from 20c to $4. This is consistent with the greater Wayside mentality of a hand up rather than a handout and helps to provide our visitors with the dignity of choice.

The Wayside cafes offer an invitation into community, where people can come together and enjoy delicious, healthy food and the company of others.

Opening Hours: 

Kings Cross (29 Hughes St Potts Point) – 9:30am – 2:30pm

Bondi (77 Roscoe St Bondi Beach) – 9am – 2:30pm

Kings Cross Cafe 

Three of Wayside Cafe workers smile in the cafe

Bondi Cafe 


Telephone: 02 9581 9142
Email: [email protected]

  • “In the old system, we just got whatever was cooked. But today, I had lamb chops… they were beautiful and only cost $2! Far cheaper than anywhere else in Bondi.”

    Zel, Bondi café visitor

  • “I love the café. It’s a great place to relax, sit down and watch TV and doesn’t cost you a fortune. The people are always friendly. I love it here.”

    Brett, Kings Cross café visitor

Aboriginal Program

Wayside Chapel’s Aboriginal Cultural Centre is a new program that is designed to support our Aboriginal visitors moving from a state of trauma to reconnecting with their cultural strengths.

The program is guided by the Aboriginal Healing Framework, which utilises holistic, culturally safe, strength-based approach to engage visitors and improve their wellbeing. Indigenous visitors are invited into this safe space for connection, activities and engagement in a culturally intelligent and trauma-informed way.

The program operates on Level 2 of Wayside Chapel Kings Cross and is open from Monday – Thursday 10am – 2pm. Visitors also have access to counselling, advocacy, referrals and other forms of support, as well as cultural activities and mob lunches.


Telephone: 02 9581 9100
Email: [email protected]
  • “Wayside is a place of safety and support for me, especially the Aboriginal program, the mob. The Cross is my playground where I spend time with my partner and my friends.”

    Charlie, Aboriginal Program visitor

Pathways Program

When the people we support get back on their feet, the first thing they often want to do is find work or a meaningful vocation to enrich their life. It may seem like a straightforward step but for people with little or no experience, getting into a job or training can involve a long and bumpy road that often ends in frustration and defeat rather than employment. A little extra help goes a long way.

Wayside’s Pathways Program offers support to people across all program areas at Wayside. The project matches people who are ready to move into work or training with organisations that want to make a difference in the community.

Wayside is committed to creating more pathways for our visitors and making this program a key strategic initiative for the organisation. Wayside also now employs 11 supported employees (15% of Wayside’s total workforce).


Telephone: 02 9581 9100
Email: [email protected]
  • “I didn’t know if I’d ever really be employed again, and I certainly didn’t think it’d happen so quickly. Wayside has been a support for me for years, but I used to just come here to eat and have company. The Pathways stuff was massive though, once I completed the TAFE course I really just felt like I could take on the world.”

    Brian, former Wayside supported worker

  • “I love being part of the local community. I know so many people here, I know their faces, they know my face. All that connection. People get so much strength from Wayside, they get so much comfort.”

    Dave, Wayside supported worker