Top stories from 2018


Wayside Chapel’s annual Christmas Day Street Party is featured in Broadsheet…read

Daily Telegraph / Sky News – 15 December 2018 

Jon Owen appears on Sky News to chat about Wayside’s Christmas Day Street Party and Lunch…watch

Buzzfeed Australia – 9 December 2018 

Buzzfeed Oz visits Heart Cafe, Wayside’s new social enterprise cafe in Bondi…watch

The Wellness Guide – 19 November 2018 

The Wellness Guide includes Heart Cafe in its favourite healthy restaurants…read

Wentworth Courier – 14 November 2018 

Gardening guru Indira Naidoo features in the cover page story on the Heart Cafe…read

FoodService Magazine – 9 November 2018 

Wayside Chapel opens social enterprise business Heart Cafe at Bondi Beach…read

Concrete Playground – 7 November 2018 

Heart Cafe is Bondi’s new non-for-profit cafe serving up healthy brunch fare and training disadvantaged young people…read

Delicious – 7 November 2018 

A new Bondi cafe with plenty of heart, the Heart Cafe…read

Good Food, Sydney Morning Herald – 6 November 2018

Wayside Chapel opens Heart Cafe in Bondi…read

Triple J’s Hack – 17 October 2018

Previous Wayside visitor Dale talks about what led him to homelessness at age 15…listen or download 

Wentworth Courier – 17 October 2018

Cameron Daddo and Skye Leckie’s letters to their homeless selves that they read our Side by Side event were published…read here & here

The Contented Bee – Organic Gardener Magazine – 20 August 2018 

Wayside’s rooftop garden and bee hives are included in the Organic Gardener Magazine Book “The Contented Bee”… buy here 

ABC Australian Story – 20 August 2018

Australian Story follows the story of succession at Wayside Chapel from Rev Graham Long to Jon Owen…watch on ABC iview or YouTube.

ABC Radio Sydney Nightlife – 19 August 2018 

ABC Nightlife talks to Jon Owen about taking on the top job at the Wayside Chapel and his plans for the future of Wayside…listen

ABC Radio Sydney – 6 August 2018 

CEO and Pastor Jon Owen chats to James Valentine about this week’s Inner Circle…listen

SBS Food – 6 August 2018 

Wayside’s kitchen staff discuss the history and significance of our low-cost cafes in Kings Cross and Bondi…read

2CH Sydney – 30 July 2018 

CEO and Pastor Jon Owen talks with hosts Indira and Trevor about his new role and their project for Wayside called “Bob’s Blankets” …listen

ABC Radio Sydney – 29 June 2018 

Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck talk Winter Appeal with incoming CEO and Pastor Jon Owen at Wayside Bondi…listen

Wentworth Courier – 27 June 2018 

Ambassadors Claudia Karvan and David Wenham share their love for Wayside Chapel…read

The Brag Magazine – 12 June 2018 

Wayside’s op shops are included in The Brag’s Guide to the best op shops in Sydney…read

Death and Dying 2018 Seminar – 1 June 2018 

Rev Graham Long shares powerful stories with Cynthia Sciberras at a seminar “Death and Dying,” at North Sydney Community Centre…listen 

ABC Radio Sydney – 4 June 2018 

Rev Graham Long and Pastor Jon Owen join James Valentine to declare the “passing of Inner Circle” at the end of the month…listen or download

ABC Radio Sydney – 14 May 2018

Incoming CEO and Pastor of Wayside Chapel Jon Owen chats with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck about his journey to Wayside and the issue of homelessness in Sydney…listen

Eternity News – 27 April 2018 

A profile piece on Jon Owen, the man who will be CEO and Pastor of Wayside Chapel…read

Better Homes and Gardens, Channel 7 – 27 April 2018 

Wayside Chapel’s rooftop garden and gardening therapy class are featured on Better Homes and Gardens…watch

ABC Radio Sydney – 20 April 2018 

Incoming CEO and Pastor of Wayside Jon Owen talks inequality about inequality with Wendy Harmer… listen

Radio National – 11 April 2018  

Rev Graham Long and Assistant Pastor Jon Owen talk spirituality on Life Matters…listen

Insights Magazine – 5 April 2018 

Meet Wayside’s new CEO and Pastor…read

The Sydney Morning Herald 1 April 2018

Rev Graham Long shares his Easter message…read

ABC – 1 April 2018 

Wayside Chapel celebrates Easter Sunday with a service and a special Easter feast…read

The Sydney Morning Herald – 23 March 2018 

Wayside Chapel announces new CEO and Pastor Jon Owen…read

ABC Radio National – 4 February 2018 

ABC Radio National joined Wayside for one of our weekly Sunday Services for the radio panel show God Forbid…read or listen

Wentworth Courier – 16 January 2018 

A profile piece on Wayside ambassador Kylie Kwong has her swinging by our rooftop garden for some herbs and ingredients …read

Top stories from 2017

Christmas Day Street Party & Donate a Plate 2017 

Read all about our Christmas Day Street Party and Donate a Plate campaign, featured on the following outlets: 2GB Sydney , Time Out Sydney , Channel 7’s House of Wellness , Weekend Today Show , 2SER , , Sydney Morning Herald  , SBS Australia , ABC News , 9News 

Wentworth Courier – 20 December 2017 

From volunteer to our Cafe Coordinator, Chantal Denis has been a big part of Wayside…read

Daily Telegraph – December 20 2017 

Rev Graham Long reflects on 13 years of service as he enters his final year as CEO and Pastor of Wayside…read

ABC Radio National – December 7 2017 

Rev Graham Long joins radio legend Richard Fidler for another Conversations…listen online or download.

ABC TV – One Plus One

Our Community Educator Rob Holt tells his amazing story with Jane Hutcheon…watch

Eternity News – December 2017 

Rev Graham Long talks about Wayside’s history…read

SBS – 20 November 2017 

Rev Graham Long says we shouldn’t be deterred from giving…read

Investment Magazine – 1 November 2017

Wayside Chapel’s Chairman Ian Martin talks about the importance of our inaugural event Side by Side …

ABC – 1 November 2017 

Dixie Link-Gordon aka Auntie Dixie, a big part of Wayside’s Aboriginal Program tells her story for ABC Women’s Work series…watch

Wentworth Courier – 9 June 2017

A $2 breakfast is served with dignity and respect at The Wayside Chapel…read

7 News – 16 April 2017

Rev Graham Anson speaks about the beauty of Easter at The Wayside Chapel Bondi…watch

Time Out Sydney – 9 February 2017

The Wayside Chapel is asking you to reconsider the flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s Day…read

SBS – 5 February 2017

Reverend Graham Long discussed the reasons and the reality behind a decline of religion in Australia… read

The Sydney Morning Herald – 30 January 2017

The Sydneysiders who bought the letters of the old Kings Cross Coke sign are announced… read