Top stories from 2018

Radio National 11 April 2018 

Rev Graham Long and Assistant Pastor Jon Owen talk spirituality on Life Matters…listen

The Sydney Morning Herald 1 April 2018

Rev Graham Long shares his Easter message…read

ABC – 1 April 2018 

Wayside Chapel celebrates Easter Sunday with a service and a special Easter feast…read

The Sydney Morning Herald – 23 March 2018 

Wayside Chapel announces new CEO and Pastor Jon Owen…read

ABC Radio National – 4 February 2018 

ABC Radio National joined Wayside for one of our weekly Sunday Services for the radio panel show God Forbid…read or listen

Wentworth Courier – 16 January 2018 

A profile piece on Wayside ambassador Kylie Kwong has her swinging by our rooftop garden for some herbs and ingredients …read

Top stories from 2017

Christmas Day Street Party & Donate a Plate 2017 

Read all about our Christmas Day Street Party and Donate a Plate campaign, featured on the following outlets: 2GB Sydney , Time Out Sydney , Channel 7’s House of Wellness , Weekend Today Show , 2SER , , Sydney Morning Herald  , SBS Australia , ABC News , 9News 

Wentworth Courier – 20 December 2017 

From volunteer to our Cafe Coordinator, Chantal Denis has been a big part of Wayside…read

Daily Telegraph – December 20 2017 

Rev Graham Long reflects on 13 years of service as he enters his final year as CEO and Pastor of Wayside…read

ABC Radio National – December 7 2017 

Rev Graham Long joins radio legend Richard Fidler for another Conversations…listen online or download.

ABC TV – One Plus One

Our Community Educator Rob Holt tells his amazing story with Jane Hutcheon…watch

Eternity News – December 2017 

Rev Graham Long talks about Wayside’s history…read

SBS – 20 November 2017 

Rev Graham Long says we shouldn’t be deterred from giving…read

Investment Magazine – 1 November 2017

Wayside Chapel’s Chairman Ian Martin talks about the importance of our inaugural event Side by Side …

ABC – 1 November 2017 

Dixie Link-Gordon aka Auntie Dixie, a big part of Wayside’s Aboriginal Program tells her story for ABC Women’s Work series…watch

Wentworth Courier – 9 June 2017

A $2 breakfast is served with dignity and respect at The Wayside Chapel…read

7 News – 16 April 2017

Rev Graham Anson speaks about the beauty of Easter at The Wayside Chapel Bondi…watch

Time Out Sydney – 9 February 2017

The Wayside Chapel is asking you to reconsider the flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s Day…read

SBS – 5 February 2017

Reverend Graham Long discussed the reasons and the reality behind a decline of religion in Australia… read

The Sydney Morning Herald – 30 January 2017

The Sydneysiders who bought the letters of the old Kings Cross Coke sign are announced… read