Top stories from 2021

Daily Telegraph – 23 September 2021 

Wayside Chapel Long Walk Home 2021 fundraiser supports homeless during Covid…read

Sydney Morning Herald – 23 August 2021 

Op shops closed for lockdown, so they went online and found a global market…read

Sydney Weekender – 15 August 2021 

Feel good food at our social enterprise cafe Heart Cafe…watch

The Beast – 10 July 2021 

The Beast writes about Wayside Chapel’s social enterprise Heart Cafe, creating employment pathways for at-risk young people with The Wingspan Project…read

ABC News – 30 June 2021 

Sydney’s homeless to get a roof over their heads during COVID lockdown…watch (available until 15 July 2021)

Missing Perspectives – 30 June 2021

Cassandra Ashcroft on connection to culture for Aboriginal people as a path to healing…read

SBS News – 18 June 2021

‘A key factor is love’: How one charity is ensuring Sydney’s homeless community can access the coronavirus vaccine…read or watch

Daily Telegraph – 17 June 2021

Behind the scenes of the Wayside Chapel’s Winter Appeal…read or watch here

Wentworth Courier – 10 June 2021

Wayside Chapel Winter Appeal: women and domestic violence victims in crisis…read

Something To Talk About with Samantha Armytage – 4 April 2021

Sam Armytage talks to Pastor & CEO Jon Owen…listen

Daily Telegraph – 4 April 2021

Sydney’s Christian leaders reveal their Easter messages of hope…read

Betoota Advocate Podcast – 8 February 2021

The Betoota Advocate editors interview Father Jon from the iconic Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross…listen

Professional Planner – 5 February 2021 

Leadership in the trenches with Wayside’s Jon Owen… watch

Top stories from 2020

Christmas Day 2020

Although it was not our usual fanfare, the city’s most vulnerable got a meal with all the trimmings and we made sure they were not alone or forgotten on Christmas Day. Read about it in ABC News, SBS News, & Eternity News.

Gourmet Traveller – 30 November 2020 

In her monthly column, chef Kylie Kwong celebrates the individuals helping to grow a stronger community…read

ABC Radio – On Nightlife – 1 November 2020

Jon Owen and Indira Naidoo talk good leadership and swarm intelligence…listen

Wayside Chapel Op Shop Online and announcement of ambassadorship of Christian Wilkins – September 2020 

Wayside Chapel announced our new ambassador Christian Wilkins, who helped launch our new online op shop. Learn about it in Studio 10 (10 minutes in), Mosman Daily, Huffington Post AustraliaBroadsheet, Concrete Playground, 10 Magazine, Time Out Sydney, Green + Simple, Ragtrader, and Ironed Boxers, The Brag & a piece on Updating your Spring Wardrobe with Mia Morrisey in Sydney Morning Herald.

Sydney Morning Herald – 20 June 2020

‘It was kind of life or death’: A nation’s charities in crisis…read

ABC Radio – On Nightlife – 7 June 2020

This Mortal Coil – Filthy Rich and Homeless…listen

Sydney Morning Herald – 3 June

‘Poverty porn’ reality show can make a difference, says Indira Naidoo…read

SBS – 4 May 2020 

Homeless shelters giving hope for those living on the streets during coronavirus outbreak…read

The Project, Channel 10 – 20 April 2020 

Right now there’s a small glimmer of hope for some of the homeless in this country. And as Tom Tilley finds out coronavirus might just get the blame for some good news. watch

The Guardian Australia – 18 April 2020 

Forced into change by coronavirus, Wayside Chapel hits the streets to help the homeless…read

ABC Radio – On Nightlife – 12 April 2020 

Suzanne Hill speaks with Wayside Chapel Pastor Jon Owen about the message of Easter…listen

Sydney Morning Herald – 12 April 2020 

Prolonged isolation takes its toll on mental health…read

ABC Radio – In Nightlife – 29 March 2020 

Community Gardening in the Social Distancing Era…listen

10 Daily – 27 March 2020 

Domestic Violence Spikes During Coronavirus As Families Trapped At Home…read

Afternoons with James Valentine – ABC 702 Sydney – 17 March 2020

Jon Owen talks to James about what Wayside is doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic …listen  (Jon’s interview at 2:39:00) 

7 News – 17 March 2020

How people experiencing homelessness are affected by coronavirus…watch and on YouTube

The Drum, ABC TV – 17 March 2020

Jon Owen features on the panel of The Drum, discussing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic… watch 

On Nightlife with Indira Naidoo, ABC Radio 

Jon talks to Indira on ways to help us navigate the social issues in the coronavirus pandemic…listen

Top stories from 2019

Christmas Day Street Party and Donate a Plate 2019

Wayside Chapel’s annual Christmas Day Street Party brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate Christmas Day, all thanks to donors of Donate a Plate campaign.

SBS News, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail Australia, Canberra Times, OBN, Sydney Morning Herald, WTOP, Eternity News,

Sydney Morning Herald – 24 December 2019

‘You don’t get a break from homelessness’: Wayside Chapel prepares for Christmas…read

Sky News – 21 December 2019

Wayside Chapel’s Christmas lunch is full of love which will ‘change the world’…watch

Australian Retail Association Blog – 13 December 2019

Why retailers should look outside the standard resume for their hires…read

Sydney Morning Herald – 15 November 2019

The renegade reverend’s bitter pill, and proud legacy, a tribute to Rev Ray Richmond…read

Wentworth Courier, Northern District Times, Parramatta Advertiser, Inner West Courier – 13 November 2019

Wayside visitor Josh Macey is walking in Long Walk Home, a 28km fundraising walk for Wayside Chapel…read

Sydney Morning Herald – 3 November 2019

Sydney’s Wayside Brides to be brought to stage…read

2GB – 30 October 2019

Homelessness on the rise among baby boomers…listen

Daily Telegraph/Central Sydney – 29 October 2019

Sydney mourns former Wayside Chapel reverend Ray Richmond who pioneered injecting rooms…read

Daily Telegraph/Wentworth Courier – 23 October 2019

The shifting character of Kings Cross and more homeless women seeking help…read

Sydney Morning Herald – 17 September 2019

A tribute to visitor Steve McGlashan who passed away… read

2GB 873 – 15 August 2019

Members of Wayside talk to Steve Price, who was broadcasting live from our rooftop in Kings Cross…watch

SBS Online – 5 August 2019

Volunteer Rob Pegley tells how volunteering at Wayside put his own life into perspective…read

Sydney Morning Herald – 3 August 2019

Danielle Turner, a visitor to Wayside, tells how she turned her life around…read

ABC Radio National – 17 July 2019

People with severe mental illness die up to 20 years earlier than those without mental health issues…listen

The Australian – 27 June 2019

Dick Smith’s plan to donate his fortune to charity…read

The Morning Show, Channel 7 – 27 June 2019

What women need to know to avoid homelessness…watch

Sun Herald – 23 June 2019

Wayside Chapel seeks to raise $1.2M as more homeless women seek help…read

Sky News – 8 June 2019

Jon Owen appears on Sky News: The Changemakers to discuss homelessness on the rise among women…watch

Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald – 1 June 2019

Heart Cafe included in Good Food’s guide of 52 best brunches…read

Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald – 1 June 2019

The Two of Us: Wayside ambassador Kylie Kwong and wife Nell…read

Triple J Hack – 27 May 2019

Jon Owen goes on Triple J’s Hack program to talk about women experiencing homelessness…listen

Wentworth Courier – 7 April 2019

Garden to stem dumping at Wayside Chapel Op Shop… read

ABC Radio National, God Forbid – 7 April 2019

Lent in the 21st Century… listen

Sydney Morning Herald, Good Food – 16 March 2019

Eat by Jill Dupleix. Read

Broadsheet – 1 March 2019

Cafe Highlights. Read

Afternoons with James Valentine, ABC Radio – 11 March 2019

James Valentine Chats with Pastor Emeritus Graham Long about their series “The Long View” starting 11 March 2019. Listen

Pro Bono Australia – 6 March 2019

As charities increasingly look to other revenue streams to stay afloat, a guidebook is aiming to help not-for-profit leaders navigate the world of social enterprise…read

Sydney Morning Herald – 16 February 2019

David Wenham and Eden McGuire raising awareness for Valentine’s Day. Photos of the week, 19/38 read

Sydney Morning Herald, Good Food – 5 February 2019

Heart Cafe Bondi, where the feelgoodruns high… read

Daily Telegraph – 5 February 2019

Because nothing says I love you like a clean pair of undies. That’s the message from charity Wayside Chapel running their yearly campaign for some of Sydney’s most vulnerable… read

ABC Weekend Breakfast – 10 February 2019

Jon Owen appears on ABC Weekend Breakfast to chat about our Valentine’s Day appeal…watch

SBS News – 23 January 2019

Jon Owen appears on My Australia to chat about his journey to Wayside Chapel…read and watch 

ABC News 360 – 21 January 2019

Jon Owen talks about the heatwave and how it affects those who are homeless… listen

The Beast – 19 January 2019

Heart Cafe, a cafe with a conscience… read

Not Quite Nigella – 10 January 2019

Heart Warming Heart Cafe, Bondi Beach… read

Sydney Morning Herald – 6 January 2019

A 4-star review for Heart Cafe, Bondi’s first social enterprise cafe and a project by Wayside Chapel…read

Top stories from 2018

Broadsheet – 20 December 2018

Wayside Chapel’s first social enterprise is an ace cafe in Bondi. Read – 17 December 2018

Heart Cafe Bondi, review. Read

BuzzFeed – 7 December 2018

This cafe is helping fight youth unemployment. Watch

The Big Issue – December 2018 

People Assistant and former rough sleeper Andrew Windsor talks about “A Street Christmas”…read

Eternity News – 21 December 2018 

The Christmas street party that attracts politicians and the homeless…read

ABC TV + iView – 17 December 2018 

CEO/Pastor Jon Owen appears on Ho Ho Ho! Telling Christmas Tales…watch (available until 17 Jan 19) 

Daily Telegraph/Sky News – 15 December 2018 

CEO/Pastor Jon Owen appears on “The Changemakers” on Sky News to talk about our Christmas Day Street Party…watch

Heart Cafe – Wayside Chapel opens Bondi’s first social enterprise cafe offering training and support to Sydney’s most disadvantaged youth.

Good Food, Broadsheet, Buzzfeed Australia, The Wellness Guide, FoodService Magazine, Eat Drink Play, Concrete Playground, Delicious.

The Guardian Australia – 18 October 2018 

I finally have a genuine reason to look forward to Christmas with Wayside’s Christmas Day Street Party writes Gavin Ritchie…read

Triple J’s Hack – 17 October 2018

Previous Wayside visitor Dale talks about what led him to homelessness at age 15…listen or download 

Wentworth Courier – 17 October 2018

Cameron Daddo and Skye Leckie’s letters to their homeless selves that they read our Side by Side event were published…read here & here

The Contented Bee – Organic Gardener Magazine – 20 August 2018 

Wayside’s rooftop garden and bee hives are included in the Organic Gardener Magazine Book “The Contented Bee”… buy here 

ABC Australian Story – 20 August 2018

Australian Story follows the story of succession at Wayside Chapel from Rev Graham Long to Jon Owen…watch on ABC iview or YouTube.

ABC Radio Sydney Nightlife – 19 August 2018 

ABC Nightlife talks to Jon Owen about taking on the top job at the Wayside Chapel and his plans for the future of Wayside…listen

ABC Radio Sydney – 6 August 2018 

CEO and Pastor Jon Owen chats to James Valentine about this week’s Inner Circle…listen

SBS Food – 6 August 2018 

Wayside’s kitchen staff discuss the history and significance of our low-cost cafes in Kings Cross and Bondi…read

2CH Sydney – 30 July 2018 

CEO and Pastor Jon Owen talks with hosts Indira and Trevor about his new role and their project for Wayside called “Bob’s Blankets” …listen

ABC Radio Sydney – 29 June 2018 

Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck talk Winter Appeal with incoming CEO and Pastor Jon Owen at Wayside Bondi…listen

Wentworth Courier – 27 June 2018 

Ambassadors Claudia Karvan and David Wenham share their love for Wayside Chapel…read

The Brag Magazine – 12 June 2018 

Wayside’s op shops are included in The Brag’s Guide to the best op shops in Sydney…read

Death and Dying 2018 Seminar – 1 June 2018 

Rev Graham Long shares powerful stories with Cynthia Sciberras at a seminar “Death and Dying,” at North Sydney Community Centre…listen 

ABC Radio Sydney – 4 June 2018 

Rev Graham Long and Pastor Jon Owen join James Valentine to declare the “passing of Inner Circle” at the end of the month…listen or download

ABC Radio Sydney – 14 May 2018

Incoming CEO and Pastor of Wayside Chapel Jon Owen chats with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck about his journey to Wayside and the issue of homelessness in Sydney…listen

Eternity News – 27 April 2018 

A profile piece on Jon Owen, the man who will be CEO and Pastor of Wayside Chapel…read

Better Homes and Gardens, Channel 7 – 27 April 2018 

Wayside Chapel’s rooftop garden and gardening therapy class are featured on Better Homes and Gardens…watch

ABC Radio Sydney – 20 April 2018 

Incoming CEO and Pastor of Wayside Jon Owen talks inequality about inequality with Wendy Harmer… listen

Radio National – 11 April 2018  

Rev Graham Long and Assistant Pastor Jon Owen talk spirituality on Life Matters…listen

Insights Magazine – 5 April 2018 

Meet Wayside’s new CEO and Pastor…read

The Sydney Morning Herald 1 April 2018

Rev Graham Long shares his Easter message…read

ABC – 1 April 2018 

Wayside Chapel celebrates Easter Sunday with a service and a special Easter feast…read

The Sydney Morning Herald – 23 March 2018 

Wayside Chapel announces new CEO and Pastor Jon Owen…read

ABC Radio National – 4 February 2018 

ABC Radio National joined Wayside for one of our weekly Sunday Services for the radio panel show God Forbid…read or listen

Wentworth Courier – 16 January 2018 

A profile piece on Wayside ambassador Kylie Kwong has her swinging by our rooftop garden for some herbs and ingredients …read

Top stories from 2017

Christmas Day Street Party & Donate a Plate 2017 

Read all about our Christmas Day Street Party and Donate a Plate campaign, featured on the following outlets: 2GB Sydney , Time Out Sydney , Channel 7’s House of Wellness , Weekend Today Show , 2SER , , Sydney Morning Herald  , SBS Australia , ABC News , 9News 

Wentworth Courier – 20 December 2017 

From volunteer to our Cafe Coordinator, Chantal Denis has been a big part of Wayside…read

Daily Telegraph – December 20 2017 

Rev Graham Long reflects on 13 years of service as he enters his final year as CEO and Pastor of Wayside…read

ABC Radio National – December 7 2017 

Rev Graham Long joins radio legend Richard Fidler for another Conversations…listen online or download.

ABC TV – One Plus One

Our Community Educator Rob Holt tells his amazing story with Jane Hutcheon…watch

Eternity News – December 2017 

Rev Graham Long talks about Wayside’s history…read

SBS – 20 November 2017 

Rev Graham Long says we shouldn’t be deterred from giving…read

Investment Magazine – 1 November 2017

Wayside Chapel’s Chairman Ian Martin talks about the importance of our inaugural event Side by Side …

ABC – 1 November 2017 

Dixie Link-Gordon aka Auntie Dixie, a big part of Wayside’s Aboriginal Program tells her story for ABC Women’s Work series…watch

Wentworth Courier – 9 June 2017

A $2 breakfast is served with dignity and respect at The Wayside Chapel…read

7 News – 16 April 2017

Rev Graham Anson speaks about the beauty of Easter at The Wayside Chapel Bondi…watch

Time Out Sydney – 9 February 2017

The Wayside Chapel is asking you to reconsider the flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s Day…read

SBS – 5 February 2017

Reverend Graham Long discussed the reasons and the reality behind a decline of religion in Australia… read

The Sydney Morning Herald – 30 January 2017

The Sydneysiders who bought the letters of the old Kings Cross Coke sign are announced… read