Leave your legacy of love for our community

Wayside Chapel has provided unconditional love, care and support for people on and around the streets of Sydney since 1964. Wayside Chapel has always been known as a place where everyone is welcome. We have a strong legacy for standing for people otherwise left behind by society, as well as being a leader of social change.

By leaving a gift in Will to Wayside Chapel, you will ensure that our work to support the most vulnerable people in our community continues. Your lasting legacy will make a difference to the lives of people experiencing homelessness, isolation, addiction and mental illness, so that they can move towards hope and healing.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to Wayside Chapel, please contact Liz Lipinski at [email protected]

How would you like to be remembered?

By leaving a gift in your Will, you’re saying that every person matters.

By providing essential support, a safe place for people to visit, as well as social and recreational activities, you’ll be breaking down the barriers that divide us, creating a community of no ‘us and them’ for future generations.

Download our Gift in Will booklet to learn more about leaving your legacy for our community (click here).

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Why we need your help to continue creating community of no ‘us and them’

No matter how big or small, your lasting gift to Wayside Chapel will help provide emergency meals, clothing, first aid and showers for people who desperately need it. Your bequest can also cover the costs of counselling, health and alcohol referrals, as well as legal referrals to help people get back on their feet. Most of all, your gift will help build a sense of connection for people who feel discarded by the rest of society.

Like any strong community, our success over the years has relied on the kindness and compassion of our supporters. Bequests have played a big part in making sure our community continues to flourish. Without these special acts of generosity, we simply couldn’t help as many people as we do by keeping our doors open every day of the year.

Why other people are including Wayside Chapel in their Will

Meet Richard

Richard Wylie is a ‘reformed’ advertising agency principal… now living a ‘for purpose’ life as the Fundraising Director at a major Sydney based medical research institute. He has been on the Board of Wayside Chapel since 2009.

“I chose Wayside Chapel to be included in my Will, as I believe it is the most cost-effective donation I’ll ever make! Hopefully my modest support (and the support of many others like me) can create happier days for those who need it most. It’s honest, authentic, and I know it will be used in ways that make a difference.”

Meet Robyn

Robyn has been a friend of Wayside for many years. She is inspired by the strength of people who are marginalised from society, and she feels compelled to help make a difference.

“Supporting people who are vulnerable just makes sense to me and is extremely rewarding. As I age, my focus is getting sharper on what really matters, and what really counts in life. It fills my heart to support Wayside now and is so comforting knowing that I will be able to support people after I am no longer here.”

Making a lasting impact is easy – here’s how:

1. Speak with your loved ones

Talk to those closest to you about your decision to leave a gift in your Will to charity. Doing so means you trust the organisation and believe in the vital work they do. Wayside Chapel would be honoured to be held in such high regard.

2. Choose your legacy

Two ways you can leave a gift to Wayside Chapel in your Will are:

  • Specific bequest: Specify the percentage share or dollar amount that each of your chosen charities receives.
  • Residual bequest: Pass on the remainder of your estate to your chosen charities, after other legacies have been fulfilled.

3. Use the correct wording

Here is some suggested wording to ensure your gift is used in accordance with your wishes.

‘I give to UCA – Wayside Chapel as operator of a PBI (ABN 77 406 918 553) free of all taxes and other deductions the ____% share / $____ / residue of my estate for its general charitable purposes, and the authorised receipt given on behalf of UCA – Wayside Chapel as operator of a PBI shall be sufficient discharge to my trustee or executor.’

4. Write and legalise your Will

If you already have a Will in place, you will need to prepare a simple codicil to update your wishes. If you do not have a Will, you will need to include a specific bequest when your Will is prepared. A solicitor, lawyer or estate planner can assist you to do this under your direction. Your Will is not legal until it is signed and witnessed. You can change your Will and your beneficiaries at any time.

5. Please let us know

We understand that your Will is very personal. But by letting us know that you’ve made your bequest, we can send you our heartfelt thanks and recognise you as a committed supporter of Wayside Chapel in your lifetime. You don’t have to tell us the amount you intend to leave – simply let us know that you’re leaving a gift and we can make sure to keep you up to date about our vital work in the community. Call Liz on (02) 9581 9107 or email [email protected].

Quick Details

Legal Name: UCA – Wayside Chapel as the operator of a PBI

ABN: 77 406 918 553

Address: 29 Hughes St, Potts Point NSW 2011 Australia

Liz Lipinski

Bequest Manager
[email protected]
(02) 9581 9107

I’m here to help

To discuss leaving a gift in your Will, please contact me, or fill out the form and I will get in touch.

Download our Gift in Will booklet to learn more about leaving your legacy for our community (click here)

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