You Can’t Eat Stubbornness

Dear Inner Circle, There’s a group of female elders that gather informally in our horseshoe outside Wayside. Whenever I hear them from my office window,

You Are Who You Eat With

Dear Inner Circle, As National Reconciliation Week draws to a close, the first since the defeat of the Voice, our community is marked by a

Dignity on steroids

Dear Inner Circle, It’s Fashion Week! Almost like clockwork, we received a generous donation of ham, cheese, and rocket baguettes from the caterers of the

Bulldogs Eating Custard

Dear Inner Circle, In the whispered chill of the last week, there have been moments that breathe warmth back into our bones—moments where adversity draws

Outrageous Grace

Dear Inner Circle, Our hearts are heavy as we continue to mourn the tragic events that unfolded this weekend at Westfield, Bondi Junction, and across

Love’s Voyage

Dear Inner Circle, While we have a long way to go, it’s undeniable that we’ve made significant progress from a few decades ago. Many of

Oh Happy Day!

Dear Inner Circle, Easter is akin to a grand final week for those of us in roles like mine. There’s always so much to arrange

Stopping Rats

Dear Inner Circle, Trudging home the other night, I ducked down an unfamiliar alleyway, only to confront one of my few fears: healthy, glowing-eyed, aggressive

Dancing Away from Disaster

Dear Inner Circle, Perhaps one of the reasons that discontent abounds, stems from a Greek-influenced cultural legacy that idolises perfection in everything, and we always

Chilli Sauce and Howling Cats

Dear Inner Circle, What will we do when every trace of trust has evaporated? We’re constantly told that all news is “fake news”, slowly eroding