Feeling Human

Feeling Human

Dear Inner Circle, There has been a steady influx of faces, both new and familiar arriving on these cold winter mornings outside our centres. As soon

Gentle Reminders

Dear Inner Circle,  No transformative human moment begins with a predetermined outcome in mind, no matter how much we might wish it were otherwise. Don’t

Unbroken Lines

Dear Inner Circle, One of the markers of “cool” in high school in the 90s was being in a garage band. They weren’t easy to

The Beautiful Bizarre

Dear Inner Circle, It isn’t often that we hand this note over to someone else, but sometimes someone else’s perspective is too good not to share.

Anonymous Angels

Dear Inner Circle, Our words create our worlds, and sadly, the English language can rob us of the richness and depth that our lives are

A Place at the Table

Dear Inner Circle, A few years ago my wife Lisa was digitising our VHS tapes so we threw our wedding video in for a quick watch. Together

Living the Response

Dear Inner Circle, Years ago when working in a local high school a mate assisted in setting up a program for aspiring young leaders. We mentored

The Gift of Foolishness

Dear Inner Circle,  Sometimes it is hard not to be overawed and overwhelmed with the legacy of the people who have been a part of

Some Bread Crumbs

Dear Inner Circle, Viktor Frankl reminds us that “we detect rather than invent our mission in life.” Yet time goes so fast that it seems

A Mother’s Touch

Dear Inner Circle, There are a few moments on the calendar when a little over-indulging is good for the soul. Here’s hoping that you got