Emilie Corish

Elephants in Custard

Dear Inner Circle, It’s a funny time of year, right now in the blur between Christmas and New Year, when the rush and adrenaline of

The Great Healing

Dear Inner Circle, Together the world’s population recently crossed the eight billion mark, and it would serve us well to take a moment of pause

Joy In The Free Fall

Dear Inner Circle,   It is quite a sight to behold – the sheer amount of planning that goes into putting together our Christmas Day Street

All Of This Is Us

Dear Inner Circle, In the eighties and nineties many in our community were living through the time when HIV/AIDS first arrived at our shores. There

A Table Somewhere

Dear Inner Circle, As soon as November 1st rolls around, I’m asked the same question, in a thousand different ways – “Will the Christmas Day

Lend Your Voice

Dear Inner Circle, In one of the less divine ironies of having three musically-talented siblings who can sing exotic, soul-stirring harmonies (replete with matching names

Artefacts of the Future

Dear Inner Circle, Wayside’s mission is built on the observation that people are lonely – not the kind of loneliness that is simply lack of

All that’s underneath

Dear Inner Circle,   In an act of desperation to save his son from a summer of obsolescence after completing year 12, my father decided which

Being Response-able

Dear Inner Circle,  If the smallest human unit is two rather than one, then perhaps one of the reasons western society renders us as lonely