Wayside Chapel’s Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Wayside Chapel is implementing and updating our response to coronavirus in relation to our provision of services to visitors, as well as addressing work, health, and safety concerns for staff, volunteers, and community programs. Wayside Chapel is continuing to follow the advice of the Australian Government, Chief Medical Officer and the Australian Government Department of Health and working with program partners to ensure that all possible procedures are put in place to minimise risks relating to coronavirus and community transmission.

Operational Change Update – 15 November 2021

Due to the recent COVID-19 easing of restrictions in Greater Sydney, Wayside Chapel has adjusted the following COVID-safe operations:

  • CSC Kings Cross will be open at reduced opening hours 9:30am to 4pm and CSC Bondi will be open at reduced opening hours 9am – 3pm for care coordination, practical assistance and emergency care, including showers and basic clothes
  • Mandatory vaccinations for all Wayside staff and volunteers, except when they are medically exempt
  • Care coordination will take place in the Community Hall
  • Low-Cost Cafes are open from 9:30 to 3:30pm (From 9am in Bondi)
  • Low-Cost Cafe visitors require double vaccination certificate. Non-vaccinated visitors will be provided with takeaway food only
  • The Cafe will be following all COVID-19 restrictions including social distancing with limited capacity.
  • Check in of all visitors coming onto Wayside property, including online and manual records. All visitors must wear a surgical mask
  • Staff must always wear surgical face masks and either a face shield or eye protection goggles when face to face with visitors
  • Homeless health GP will be onsite 10am – 12pm
  • Vigilant sanitisation of all high contact touch points, including surface areas and hands
  • Staff continue to practice social distancing and face to face interactions with visitors must be limited to 15 minutes
  • 4 metre square minimum physical distancing applies at all times
  • Routine cleaning of the service environment
  • Foot and van outreach teams will provide connection and support to people experiencing homelessness and people isolated in their homes
  • Temporary accommodation, provided by NSW Government, is being assertively promoted to visitors sleeping rough for the period of lockdown and longer should they be seeking permanent housing, in both our outreach and CSC program
  • The Aboriginal Cultural Centre is open from 10am-2pm Monday to Thursday
  • After Hours Homelessness Hub will be temporarily suspended until further notice
  • Wingspan participants and Care Coordinators can return as required provided they are double vaccinated
  • Support staff can return to the office 1-2 days per week provided they are double vaccinated
  • Any staff entering our community service centres and level 1 areas from other parts of the building must wear a surgical mask
  • Heart Cafe is now open daily from 7am – 3pm for dine in using their existing COVID safe plan for double-vaxxed customers only. Takeaway available for non-vaxxed customers when ordered from outside
  • Bondi Beach op shop will reopen on Thursday 21 October using their existing COVID safe plan for double vaxxed customers only. All other customers can shop online click and collect from Bondi Op Shop by shopping online at The online op shop

Any questions, please call (02) 9581 9101 or email [email protected].