Wayside Chapel’s Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Wayside Chapel is implementing and updating our response to coronavirus in relation to our provision of services to visitors, as well as addressing work, health, and safety concerns for staff, volunteers, and community programs. COVID-19 protocols and mitigation strategies have been put in place in response to the recent significant increases in COVID-19 case numbers and the news of the new COVID-19 variant BA4 to ensure that all possible procedures are put in place to minimise risks relating to coronavirus and community transmission.

We are changing some of our operations and work modes to try and reduce spread within of both influenza and COVID-19. These changes will remain in place until we review our status mid August.

Operational Change Update – 26 July 2022

Reduced Areas of Operation and Services: 

  • Kings Cross Community Service Centre will have reduced hours of operation, operating from 12 – 7pm. The Aboriginal Cultural Centre will not be open. The Community Cafe at Kings Cross will operate as Takeaway only. 
  • Bondi Community Service Centre will be operating from 9am – 1pm. The Community Cafe will operate as takeaway only with the same hours as Bondi CSC. 
  • The Wingspan Project Classes will operate from 9am – 1pm at the chapel in Bondi. 
  • Op Shops at Kings Cross and Bondi will remain open as per their normal operating hours. 
  • Heart Cafe will remain open as per their normal operating hours. 
  • Chapel Services will be online. 

Mask Wearing and Social Distancing:

  • All Wayside staff and Volunteers must wear masks in all areas of Wayside Chapel. Masks are the main form of protection, reducing the risk of transmission from person to person.
  • All Visitors must wear masks when entering any Wayside premises. Supplies of masks, hand sanitizer and RAT kits will be provided at our Community Service Centre.
  • All visitors, staff, and volunteers to adhere to the 2sqm social distancing rule.

Any questions, please call (02) 9581 9100 or email [email protected]

Learn how Wayside Chapel embraced ‘Love over Fear’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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