Robyn has been a friend of Wayside for many years. She is inspired by the strength of people who are marginalised from society, and she feels compelled to help make a difference.

Read below why Robyn chose to include Wayside Chapel in her Will.


“Working with people at a hospice, helping them write their biography at the end of their life has helped me embrace my thoughts about death.
I first came to know and follow Wayside through listening to Graham Long (Wayside Chapel’s previous Pastor and CEO) on ABC 702 Radio National. Hearing stories about people who are vulnerable and finding the beauty in each of them really resonated with me.

I love Wayside because it is a place so full of love. You can sense it even when just driving past. When I am there, I feel deeply touched and sometimes connected more to people there than people I see in my day to day life. The kindness and respect that staff and volunteers give to everyone who passes through the doors is so admirable. There is truly no ‘us and them’ as everyone is included and walked with to that very edge and back.

I am very aware that I could easily be someone who needed Wayside’s help. Why are my circumstances different? It could be me. I donate to Wayside because I can and therefore I feel that I must. Doing so is important and worthwhile. I can’t tell you the delight it gives me to donate when I can.
There is nothing more urgent than the work Wayside is doing and it is not just the current pandemic that is making this obvious. The world is upside down, confused and mixed up with what is truly important. Human nature is to bypass and side step the hard things in life and dealing with people who are marginalised and struggling with life is hard to witness. We are all so busy and so hung up on our own problems. Supporting people who are vulnerable just makes sense to me and is extremely rewarding. As I age, my focus is getting sharper on what really matters, and what really counts in life.

When I last needed to update my Will, it gave me so much joy to include a bequest to Wayside Chapel. I appreciate this is somewhat of a cliché however it still rings true to me: it always feels like I get more than I ever give. It fills my heart to support Wayside now and is so comforting knowing that I will be able to support people after I am no longer here.

For anyone else considering making a gift in your Will, all I can say is…love Wayside.”

Liz Lipinski

Planned Giving Manager
[email protected]
0490 103 948

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