Wayside is largely funded by everyday Australians who believe in our mission and donate funds to help us keep doing what we do.

Wayside’s Corporate Group Volunteering Program – “Awayside Days”

Book a corporate volunteering experience like no other at Wayside!

Our Corporate Group Volunteering Program, otherwise known as ‘Awayside Days’ allows a team of around ten people to spend a day in Kings Cross learning about life on the streets and lending a helping hand to the most vulnerable people in our community.

The experience delivers the whole package – a memorable team building opportunity near the heart of the CBD, the chance to experience life at Wayside, and to cook and serve a lovingly-prepared community lunch.

Participants leave with a richer understanding of homelessness, a different perspective of the people they pass in the street, and a whole lot of love.

The sessions are facilitated by Wayside Community Educator Rob Holt who draws on his lived experiences of homelessness and addiction to provide participants with a unique insight into life on the streets and the work Wayside is doing to help people flourish.

9:30am – Welcome and introduction to Wayside services
11am – Informational walking tour through Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo with first hand perspectives and stories of life on the street
11.45am – Prepare a two-course meal in Wayside’s commercial kitchen
1pm – Serve and enjoy lunch in the company of Wayside visitors
2pm – Lunch pack down and clean up
2.30pm – Team debrief
3pm – Leave Wayside

The cost is $2,100 plus GST which covers the full cost of the day plus contributes to the running costs of Wayside’s Café which serves over 85,000 items each year.

About Rob Holt
It’s only been four years since Rob first approached Wayside seeking help for alcohol addiction and homelessness, but in that time he’s been able to turn his life around. After four years volunteering in Wayside’s Community Service Centre, Rob recently joined the team as Community Educator. Rob combines his professional experience as a trainer and facilitator with compelling personal anecdotes to engage, challenge and inspire people.

From previous volunteers

“My team and I had an amazing experience at The Wayside Chapel last week and I feel compelled to share it with everyone. We wanted to change up our usual approach to prioritising our strategic planning and decided to spend a day with Wayside. The objective being to get a new perspective, challenge our biases and see how another organisation uses their purpose to prioritise activity and make tough decisions. After a day at Wayside my team and I then reconvened to reflect on the learnings, evaluate our previous quarter’s performance and prioritise our activity for the quarter ahead. By far the most in depth, productive and honest planning session we have had as a team, our Wayside experience was so very, very valuable, applicable and personally rewarding.” Tim Rafton, IAG


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Workplace Giving

Becoming involved in our Workplace Giving program is a simple, easy and affordable way of supporting Wayside Chapel. You can become an active member of this program by donating through your employer’s payroll system from as little as $5 a week.

Workplace Giving is a program that enables you to donate small amounts to Wayside Chapel on a regular basis, through your employer’s payroll department. Each pay period you can nominate to donate a small amount to Wayside Chapel. Your employer will collect this and pass the donation on to Wayside. It makes a huge difference to what we do.

How do I get involved?
There are some simple steps to get involved in workplace giving:

1. Ask your employer if they have a workplace giving program
2. Register for workplace giving at your organisation
3. Nominate The Wayside Chapel as your preferred charity
4. Select the amount per pay period you would like to contribute
5. Stay in touch with us!

Many companies with a workplace giving program will also provide matched donations up to a maximum amount. This means that for every dollar you donate to Wayside Chapel your employer will also donate a dollar – doubling your contribution to what we do. We encourage you to check your employer’s policy on matched giving.

Donations through Workplace Giving are tax deductable and generally the deduction is made at the time of giving, as donations reduce your gross taxable income. Check out the Australian Taxation Office (www.ato.gov.au) for more information on the tax implications of contributing through Workplace Giving.


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School Education Program & Students

Wayside Chapel’s School Education Program provides a unique opportunity for high school students to gain insight into the issues facing people living on and around the streets and the way in which Wayside provides vital support within the community.

The program is structured into two main sessions. The first focuses on engagement and education with a presentation and discussion about the three main issues facing many of Wayside’s visitors: homelessness; drug and alcohol addiction; and mental health.

The second session incorporates a walking tour of Kings Cross and the surrounding area. During the walk the group stops near agencies to learn how they operate, their history and how they answer the needs of those in the community. This session also features real Wayside stories, and concludes with a debrief and opportunity for students to discuss the initiatives they may undertake to lend support for those who are disadvantaged in the community.


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Community Lunch

Community lunches bring the whole Wayside community together, to eat delicious food in the company of others.

Put on by a different group of corporate volunteers each week, our community lunches serve up a nutritiously balanced hot meal and dessert free of charge to the whole Wayside community. Each community lunch we see 40-60 members of the Wayside family lining up for their meal, then dining and chatting at one of many long tables set up in the Community Hall.

Wayside community lunches are so much more than just a free meal, they’re an opportunity to get to know more of the Wayside community and share food and good company. There’s also a special lucky door price at each community lunch to add to the fun!

Community lunches are held at Wayside most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm in the Community Hall. Everyone is welcome!


Telephone: 02 9581 9104
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