The Wingspan Project will take young people from at-risk to at-promise

About Wingspan

The Wingspan Project is a training and employment initiative that helps disadvantaged young people (17-25 years old) who want a brighter future. Based in Bondi Beach, The Wingspan Project is delivered by Wayside Chapel. One-on-one support is provided to empower young people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, foster stronger relationships with their networks and progress their lives through training and/or employment. The Wingspan Project is all about a holistic, person-centred approach wraps a supportive community around young people to help them flourish and find their place in mainstream society.
Wayside Chapel believes in breaking the generational cycle of unemployment because when young people fail, our society fails.
The best way Wayside can support young people to flourish is to help them secure and maintain employment. The Wingspan Project is designed to give young people skills and confidence, and to wrap them in a supportive community so they will never again know what it’s like to walk alone.

When young people fail, our society fails.

The Wingspan Project will be making a long-term investment in every young person by giving them training and employment support for six to 24 months and a community for life. Young people will receive tailored support through three program streams:

  • Employment Readiness: preparing young people to undertake formal employment or training.
  • Paid Traineeships: providing a supportive paid work environment to prepare for mainstream employment.
  • Employment Support: supporting young people
We are taking candidates to be part of the program, who will receive employment support and be offered paid traineeships in hospitality.

If you are a service agency or know someone who would be keen to join the program and has been unemployed for at least 12 months, you can download our brochure and fact sheet.


Telephone: 0427 744 241
Email: [email protected]