“Building a therapeutic relationship is not simply about being ‘nice’. It’s about crafting an approach to a visitor’s healthcare needs that suits them, that isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It is about getting the details right for them, at this point in their life.”

Dr Lilon Bandler, Medical Director of Wayside Chapel Healthcare

What is Wayside Chapel Healthcare?

For our visitors – who often face a complex web of issues, including homelessness, addiction, social isolation, racism, and mental health concerns – seeking medical care, or going to hospital, is often so confronting, that they choose to avoid it altogether.  

For this reason we offer Wayside Chapel Healthcare at Kings Cross, so our community can have equal access to culturally safe and trauma-informed care with primary healthcare practitioners they trust. 

Wayside Chapel Healthcare can be accessed by any visitor who is referred by a Care Coordinator. Appointments are necessary. There are no barriers to accessing the service – everyone is welcome, including undocumented residents, young people and others without Medicare access.  

Wayside Chapel Healthcare provides visitors with: 

  • access to community primary healthcare (GP and nursing) in a familiar and trusted environment.
  • a fee-free service, including culturally safe care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors.
  • advocacy and support for navigating and coordinating health related care.
  • health professional advocacy for access to other wrap around social services.