Wayside Chapel has a long history at the forefront of advocacy. Twenty years ago, Wayside led the charge in advocating for the needs of the community experiencing addiction and committed an act of civil disobedience to ensure a medically supervised injecting centre was on the agenda for the NSW Drug Summit of 1999. 

Wayside became a voice for those hidden and unheard, fighting for our community’s health and wellbeing. Wayside has, and will continue to hold a safe space for visitors, people who we love and support without expectation or manipulation. 

Wayside will be returning to its roots, launching our advocacy campaign, with three requests to the government for the upcoming state election on Saturday, 23 March. 

Each request speaks to the very core of Wayside’s values, demanding change in our current housing processes and how we deal with addiction as a society. 

Ask One

Commit to a strategy to end homelessness for all who seek a home by 2030 

Wayside Chapel is asking the NSW Government to commit to a strategy to end homelessness by 2030 for all who seek long-term and permanent accommodation. Here at Wayside, we know that not everyone who is experiencing homelessness, wants housing. However, for those that do want a home, the wait is too long and the application process is too complex. We are fighting for the right for shelter for all people. 

Download the position statement here. 

Ask Two

Deliver 5,000 social housing dwellings a year until 2026 

Wayside Chapel is asking the NSW Government to deliver 5,000 social housing dwellings a year until 2020. We will be advocating for a community-centred approach to social housing to ensure people are provided with adequate wrap-around support so they can maintain and thrive in housing.  

Download the position statement here. 

Ask Three

Hold a drug treatment summit, bringing together politicians, experts and people with lived experience, in the first year of office. 

Wayside Chapel is asking the NSW Government to hold a drug treatment summit in its first year of officeThe summit should bring together politicians, experts, health services and people with lived experience. Drug-related issues should be recognised as a health issues, not a criminal issue. Wayside Chapel is calling on the NSW Government to take urgent action to save the lives of people with drug-related issues.  

Download the position statement here. 


Community Forum on a Drug Treatment Summit – Thursday, 7 March

Drug use and drug-related issues have changed significantly over the past 20 years and we need to once again call on the NSW Government to take action to save lives.

As part of Wayside Chapel’s advocacy campaign towards the NSW Government, on Saturday, 7 March, we will host a community forum bringing the local community to further explore these issues in a safe space.

The forum will feature a panel of representatives, including Jon Owen, CEO and Pastor of Wayside Chapel, Dr Marianne Jauncey, Medical Director of Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) and a visitor with lived experience of drug-related issues.

The current approach to drug treatment isn’t working. The night will be a chance for people who want to do more than just think about the issues related to drug use and drug treatment to learn more, ask questions and throw your support behind this urgent need.

Date: Thursday, 7 March 2019
Time: 6pm – 7.30pm
Where: Wayside Chapel Community Hall, Level 2, 29 Hughes St Potts Point
Register your interest here

Sydney Alliance Assembly at Town Hall – Thursday, 14 March

Sydney Alliance Assembly at Town Hall – Must register by Friday, 1 March

Wayside Chapel are joining with the Sydney Alliance, Vinnies NSW and the Everybody’s Home campaign to stand together for the common good with the Sydney Alliance Assembly on Thursday, 14 March at Sydney Town Hall. Stand with us to demand urgent action to alleviate housing issues for ordinary Australian households across the state.

Register your attendance here and put Wayside Chapel as the organisation you are representing. You’ll be given a Wayside shirt to wear and a rewarding feeling that you’ve fought for the rights of our visitors. Registrations closed Friday, 1 March.

Sydney Alliance Assembly

Date: Thursday, 14 March 2019

Time: 7pm – 8.45pm

Where: Sydney Town Hall, 483 George St, Sydney CBD

For more info and to register, click here

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (02) 9581 9106